Friday, August 28, 2015

放下 // Letting Go

昨晚看到金鐘獎公佈的入圍名單時心情好激動。「出境事務所」居然入圍了七項,而且都是重要的獎項:戲劇節目、男主角、女主角、女配角(二) 、戲劇節目導演、和戲劇節目編劇獎。受到這樣的肯定,那時所有的辛苦都值了,而心理那莫名的包袱瞬間消失了。就像劇裡的羅曉恩常高唱,要「面對它,接受它,處理它,放下它!」(抖音)




Last night the nominations for the Golden Bell Awards were announced and I was shocked; the drama that I helped film, "Long Days' Journey Into the Light" was nominated for SEVEN awards! When I first made the decision to embark on this path, all I wanted to do was get my foot in the door and film a drama, period. Then when I'd be lazying around the house and came across a particularly good quality drama, I'd think to myself "if I can film an award-winning drama, I can die happy." When you go through so much to put out a product, naturally you want it to be something that you're proud of and leave a legacy.

I've now accomplished all of those wishes. We've been nominated in all the major categories: Best Drama, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress (two nominations in this category!), Best Director, and Best Scriptwriter. And amidst my ecstatic reaction upon hearing the news, something that had unknowingly been weighing in my heart was simultaneously lifted.

Ever since filming finished, no, even before that, as we were about to wrap up filming, everyone on the set was asking if I was going to continue filming dramas. And for the past half year, I'd still been unable to make a clear decision. I dabbled in the industry, taking on an assistant role and substituting here and there, but didn't make any serious commitments to a project. Now that I have something to prove of my participation (can't really say achievement since I was just a minion heh), I realized that I can now formally send off this dream of mine as I have no regrets. In the spirit of our drama, life can teach us many lessons, and learning to let go and move on is one of those. It's been a blessing to have been involved in this project and a dream come true, so I have no lingering feelings in letting filming become a part of my past.

This blog was meant to document my life pursuing drama production in Taiwan. As that chapter comes to an end, this blog will follow me through another era. The name of this blog will stay, as I feel "Drama Girl in Taipei" is still very applicable. I still see myself as "the drama girl" and am still keeping base in Taipei. However, the posts from now on will shift to focus on my current lifestyle and everyday life. Thanks for sticking to the end of this lengthy post and for the encouragement you've shown me, whether it's through your clicks or just being there for me. I'll do my best to keep bringing on the passion and finding my way through life.

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