Thursday, May 5, 2016

7 Secrets of Taiwan's Largest International Airport - Taoyuan International Airport

Coming to Taipei for the first time or have a layover? Most likely your first impression of Taiwan is Taoyuan International Airport (airport code TPE). The airport is located in Taoyuan, a city about an hour's drive away from Taipei, much like how Incheon is about an hour away from Seoul.

It's one of my favorite airports in the world not only because of its easy navigation and Hello Kitty terminal, but also because it has awesome facilities- all for free! Seriously, it's the little things in life, especially at the airport! Here are seven secrets of the Taoyuan International Airport that will make your layover more comfortable and fun. And the best part? It's all free.
  1. 24-Hour Showers
    Location: Terminal 1 first and second floor of arrivals, Terminal 2 first floor of arrivals and fourth floor of departures

    You can freshen up after a long flight to Taiwan with a shower in the airport. There is also a dressing area with hooks, mirrors, seats, and tables if you just want to change clothes.
  2. Daybeds
    Location: Terminal 2 third floor

    There is a row with 10 daybeds for you to lie flat and get some rest in. They also include a divider near the head to block light and peering eyes, giving you more privacy while you sleep.
  3. Movie Theater
    Location: Terminal 1 transfer area behind the China Airlines counter

    The area is a bit hard to find, but you will be rewarded with massage chairs and a movie. The movie schedule is erratic, but usually the movies are new releases.
  4. Massage Chairs
    Location: Terminal 2 near gate C and D3

    High quality OSIM massage chairs will give you at least 15 minutes of respite. They even blocked the area off with bamboo trees to reduce the airport traffic noise. Note that these spa chairs don't take money, only coins that you can get from the employees in stores nearby. 
  5. Gym
    Location: Terminal 2 third floor D1

    Feeling antsy after being cramped in a small chair for hours? Then visit the airport gym and loosen up those muscles. Rumors say the gym will expand to include a yoga and shower area.
  6. Drinking Water Machines (hot, warm, cold)
    Location: Outside bathrooms and throughout the airport

    Taiwan is all about being green, so if you have your own water bottle fill it up with filtered drinking water from the many drinking water machines located throughout the airport. 
  7. Day Trips to Taipei
    Location: Information desk inside and outside the terminal

    The Taiwan Tourism Board offers free day trips to Sanxia/Yingge or Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and Taipei 101 in Taipei. The information in the picture above is recent as of 8/31/2015. Ask someone at the information desk for more information. 

Just add this to the ever-growing list of why I <3 Taiwan. Find these airport secrets helpful? What other free thing would you like to have in an airport?

Source: Vida Orange

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