Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So you want to do drama production, eh?

There are literally no barriers of entry for finding jobs in this industry, unless you have a language barrier. All you need is a little dose of technology, determination, and perseverance. Moving to Taiwan I had completely no connections whatsoever to the industry. Here are some of the different avenues of employment that I tried.

  1. PTT - PTT is a public forum that many Taiwanese youth rely on for practically everything. Need someone to go to KTV with? Hit up PTT. Want to gossip about the latest news? Look on PTT. Need a drama production job? Click here for the thread.
  2. Facebook - The search feature in FB is a great tool not only for job hunting but if you're looking for events and people to do it with. For jobs related to films, check out this and this group. You will need to be approved to join before you can see the postings, but anyone in the group has approval rights.
  3. Recruiting sites 104 & 1111 - These are Taiwanese versions of job sites like Monster.com. Just check the filters of the type of job you're seeking. In my experience most postings on these sites are for commercials and TV variety shows, not dramas.
  4. Cold email/call/show up - Look up the production credits for your favorite Taiwanese drama and search for the company's information online. I only sent one cold email and never heard anything back, but like I said what you need is a dose of determination and perseverance to land (any) job.
  5. Taipei Film Commission - They will post openings for various positions, but it is not updated regularly. You may have better luck calling or visiting their office.
I got really lucky and only spent a week looking for a job before successfully landing one through the Facebook group. Next, the job interview! 

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