Monday, March 2, 2015

5 Things I Don't Understand About Resumes in Asia

You can collect a lot of information about a country/culture when trying to put together a resume. I mean, you gotta fit in and tailor to your audience, right? After going through the process, here's what I have to say about it....

Top 5 Things I Don't Understand About Resumes in Asia

  1. You're asking for my photo?! Why....? Isn't this supposed to be about my skills and abilities, not how hot I am?
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  2. Fine. I gave away my identity and sent you my photo. Why do I have to also write down really personal information like age/weight/height/marriage status? THIS AIN'T MATCH.COM YO.
  3. Taiwanese bosses must love to read. A lot. Most of the sample resumes I consulted didn't know what being concise meant, loved long paragraphs, and adamantly refused to use bullet points.
  4. I need to include a personal statement??? I thought I already finished applying for college....and seriously, half of why I didn't apply to grad school is because I didn't want to go through the hoops of writing admissions essays again....
  5. One page rule? Fuck that shit, because I'm waaay better than that. I know I've just graduated from college, but I've already done way too many great things.
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  1. Wow thanks for sharing your experience about applying for jobs in Taiwan! This was very informative + entertaining to read hahaha. It's hard to imagine employers looking for long paragraphs instead of concise bullet points, especially being taught and taught again about being concise with our word choices in the U.S.

  2. how do you make #3 and #5 work together?

  3. That's cool actually. They wanna be able know you and who you are just by looking at the resume. Such is clearly more like a portfolio. I'm down.