Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Japan Trip // Hakone Day 10: Relaxing The Japanese Way

Of course, the rain refuses to give us a break even in Hakone. *waves fists* Etau, I'm looking at you!

We're still pretty sore from Fuji, but that's not gonna stop us from being tourists! Though we did agree to take it easy today, so we'll be on the bus for most of the day. This photo was taken on the bus ride to the famous Tori gates. It also adequately sums up what it was like on Fuji.

Hakone is a really mountainous place and perfect for dramatic fog. It definitely made our Hakone experience different than what people usually see.

We take a ferry on Lake Ashi to another side of Hakone. *Cue Pirates of the Carribbean music*

On clear days you're supposed to see Mount Fuji in the background too. That did not happen...and I STILL have yet to see Fuji itself, even though I've been on it.

I feel like I'm on the Black Pearl, destined to forever be on the sea.

Beautiful grassy field that we passed while on the bus back to the ryokan. It's a park that you can walk through but we didn't have the energy or time.

As an award for the pain and suffering we endured on Fuji, we booked a fancy Japanese ryokan that included an onsen, gardens, and breakfast. It's a ryokan that's been in business for over 100 years and has entertained some famous people as guests.

Our room, which was a view of Japanese maple leaves by the river. Each room has different scenery.

Yummy breakfast, minus the tofu.

Hakone is known for its onsens, so we had to also try this outdoor onsen. It was a bit hot outside, but it is fun doing outdoor onsens. Plus the views here were gorgeous.

I can't believe our epic trip is about to end. Finally, our last stop: Tokyo!

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