Monday, September 28, 2015

Japan Trip // Nara Day 4: Beware of deer

Today we're visiting Bambi-town, aka Nara. But first, we must eat. Because eating is important and we've been neglecting it. Found this awesome Japanese restaurant on the way to the touristy things. Almost all locals inside, so that's how you know it's a good place!

And then we run into Bambi! I feel bad for the ones whose antlers are cut, but apparently they make it into a big annual festival.

There are literally hoards of them and they roam among us like people. Because, nbd ya know.

One of my favorite pictures that I took on this trip. It looks like it's taken out of a scene in a movie.

Todaiji Temple

Known to be one of the largest wooden structures in Japan. Beware of not only little people, big people, umbrellas, but also deer.

We assumed the golden horns on the top were deer antlers and thought, "what a great mnemonic to remember this place!" but we were wrong; apparently they're fishtails. The temple has gone through numerous fires and restorations so in this version they added fishtails, thinking it would keep fires away since fish live in water.

The Big Buddha that the temple is known for.

Love the badass swagger of this dude. He's all like "don't mess with me!" Rawr *angry face*

Yoshikien Garden

A small but cute garden that featured handmade glass by Asahi Glass on the building. Not sure if it has anything to do with the beer...

Isuien Garden

A really cool museum where the building mixes traditional and modern.

That's Todaiji Temple peeking out from the foliage. It gives you a sense of its massive scale.

And more deer of course. Because we're in Nara. And no, I did not clone the deer in Photoshop (though it kinda looks like it, no?)

Lastly, Kakinoha style sushi! It's a Nara specialty sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves except the sushi is dried salted fish so that it won't spoil (important in the old days which is when this style of sushi was popular). Very different in taste and smell than the sushi we're used to seeing, but I didn't mind the fragrance of the persimmon leaves.

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