Sunday, September 20, 2015

Japan Trip // Kyoto Day 0: いらっしゃいませ Welcome

A 3am flight, meaning I left for the airport at midnight, meaning I got no sleep whatsoever...but that's okay because I'm headed to an epic trip in Japan!

Saw this poster in the airport for this awesome FREE half-day tour that the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau gives for people who are making a quick stop in Taiwan. You can read the details on the picture below.

Finally arrived to Kyoto and had a heart attack moment when I belatedly realized I hadn't done any research on transportation in Kyoto. I had no idea how to get to my hotel and couldn't find an information desk to ask. Was able to sort everything out though once I exited the JR station and located the tourist office.

My first five minutes impression of Kyoto once I exited Kyoto Station was of disappointment. Everyone's hyped up the place to be this a-maaaazing historical city with beautiful views and palaces. But standing in front of Kyoto Station while waiting for my bus, I didn't see any of that and thought, "why is it so modern looking?!" lol. This is what happens when you literally did no research and are here to tag along with a friend who's planned the whole itinerary.

My "home" for the next two days. The picture on the right was taken from our window. How come Japanese houses can look so different whereas Taiwanese ones all look the same and Communist?

And to celebrate my arrival to Kyoto, I headed to an izakaya chain and ordered an original Highball, because you know, I'm an original high rolling jobless traveler and all. It basically was whiskey for chicks lol.

And the sanshou above is a green condiment that I kept seeing on restaurant tables in Kyoto. Google calls it a Japanese pepper, but it's not spicy at all. It tastes more like lemon pepper and I liked to dip my yakitori in it for some more flavor. A very chill Day 0 to prepare myself for the real stuff.

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