Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Japan Trip // Tokyo Day 11 & 12: Winding Down

I've been to Tokyo previously twice and have enjoyed it both times. However, after exploring the Kansai region for almost two weeks, I now despise Tokyo and its metropolitan glory because it's like being in any other big city, except they all speak Japanese and are more well behaved and polite. Give me back Kyoto!

We can't break our architectural streak now so we visit the Tokyo International Forum, which is a pretty cool place, even though it feels like an airport.

I particularly liked how they used the outdoor space as an area for people to chill and interact. There was an event going on that night with food trucks and music performances. Just a fun and chill Friday night.

The next day we had omurice for lunch at the famed Taimeiken restaurant in Mitsukoshi.

Honestly, I was very, very disappointed by this place. The omurice egg was pretty dry and nothing else of the dish was spectacular. Even the hamburg was on the dry side. I can make something even better myself at home. The hunt for the best omurice in Tokyo continues!

You can't escape her. She's everywhere :) This was taken in Shibuya.

And on my way to Omotesando, I saw this awesome dude. It was Vogue's Fashion Night Out, which is probably why he was dressed like that....or maybe he's just that cool every single day.

My souvenirs from Japan: snacks and ramen!

With that is a conclusion of this epic Japan trip. On previous visits to Japan I've enjoyed it, but never fallen in love or wanted to live in Japan. This trip has completely changed that. If someone gave me an offer to live in Kyoto I would accept it in a blink of an eye. I can't wait to be back in Japan again. It feels like the moment I start feeling more comfortable speaking Japanese again after so many years I have to leave.  じゃ、またね、日本!是対にもう一度あいます。

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