Monday, September 28, 2015

Japan Trip // Uno & Naoshima Day 5: Art, Art, and More Art!

Transitioning from the traditional to the modern now. We stayed the night in Uno to catch the ferry to Naoshima. Home for the night was a cool Japanese style room we found on Airbnb. The house was over 100 years old!

View from the ferry to Naoshima.

Art House Project on Naoshima

This project is composed of seven houses that were converted to house seven pieces of art. This first one we visited housed a James Turrell piece. I don't know why I had to come all the way to Japan to see his stuff when he has two permanent collections in Houston, but I will say this one was different than his other work.

A very plain exterior, but "Kadoya" (pictured below) was probably my favorite of the art houses. Won't spoil the surprise, but I still can't figure out how they pulled this one off.

"Go'o Shrine" came in a close second as my favorite. A very cleverly designed shrine.

The "Haisha" house reminded me of Austin. Very eclectic and fun.

Ando Museum

No pictures allowed inside, but it was underwhelming and not recommended unless you're a hardcore Ando fan like my photobombing friend. You can see better Ando work elsewhere (and for a lot cheaper!)

And random shots as we were biking around the island. Definitely highly recommend paying the extra money for an electric bike. There were uber steep hills that my sausage legs weren't able to bike.

Along the way we encountered a yellow Yayoi piece.

And of course the ocean everywhere.

Reminds me of a sea manatee.

Naoshima limited beer! Unfortunately they wouldn't let us takeaway so we couldn't try it. But love the vintage labeling and cute font of the poster!

Another Yayoi! This time it's red.

And the cutest shroom seats that dotted the park near the dock. If you can't tell I love mushrooms! :)

 One of the highlights for today....our housing at Tsutsuji!

Yup, I'm camping on a remote island in Japan in a Mongolian yurt. Complete with BBQ dinner, beach, and all. Just missing the alcohol and energy to fully enjoy it all. I literally snapped these two photos and fell asleep because the tourist thing is starting to take its toll and we had a strenuous biking day. Then it poured rain all throughout the night and morning so we couldn't even take a morning stroll on the beach :(  Made for a great night's sleep though!

The yurt was surprisingly comfortable and spacious. I was expecting to be attacked by mosquitoes and crappy camping conditions, but they provided mosquito lights, bug spray, even a fridge! Can't not love the high standards of Japanese hospitality and service.

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