Saturday, September 26, 2015

Japan Trip // Kyoto Day 3: Animal Themed

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Was quite disappointed with this because it's a very short stretch. I felt like the bamboo trees in Daitoku-ji were better.

Okochi-Sanso Villa

Iwatayama Monkey Park

The place that I was most excited about on this trip...the monkey park!! It was quite a steep hike to get to them but so worth it.

Nishiki Market

Ever wonder where wasabi comes from? Look below!

And a really cool looking purple fruit called akebi that is only grown in Japan. It was like passion fruit meets sugar apple fruit.

Then we went to the theater to catch a kabuki performance. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it since there weren't subtitles for this showing but it was a fun watch! Kabuki theater is very interactive with the audience and feeds off their energy. Their style and presentation of performance is also different than Broadway. They used third person narration mixed with commentary to help tell the story. I also saw influences from Peking opera fighting styles and makeup techniques too. Also, if you didn't notice from the poster below, the entire cast is male.

Last night in Kyoto and I'm not ready to leave! Though my first impression of Kyoto was one of disappointment, my last impression was one of satisfaction. I feel like it lived up to the hype and I would totally move there if I could. Can't wait to visit it again.

To make our last night even more special we chose to stay at a capsule hotel. It exceeded my expectations. The bed was more spacious than I thought and it was very clean. Basically the same as staying at any other hostel except you're sleeping in a capsule.

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