Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vegetarian Options in Night Markets

After my epic Mount Fuji climb, I decided to become vegetarian for two weeks. A friend invited me to Raohe Night Market and at first I hesitated to accept because my favorite night market foods are all very not vegetarian (fried chicken, oyster noodles, salted chicken...) Would I be able to say no in front of those mouth-watering options? Probably not......but then I thought, Taiwan has many vegetarians. What do they eat at night markets? Or can they even eat anything? Out of this curiosity I decided to go to the night market anyway and was pleasantly surprised!

Where all the action is going to take place! It's a quick two minute walk from MRT Songshan Station, exit 5. Just walk towards the temple and you'll see the crowds and sign. As we were walking along I was constantly scanning for something I could eat and then a few ways down found this:

Can't have fried chicken? That's okay because you can get the next best thing which is fried enoki mushrooms! I usually get fried mushrooms with my fried chicken anyway, so this was a great find. Be careful though because it is really juicy and hot!

I feel like I'm at the State Fair again, having anything imaginable fried xD This fried milk option was really good too. Warning: it's gooey inside and very hot too!

These are some of the new options I noticed as a vegetarian that I hadn't noticed before. Other options that I saw (but failed to take a picture of sorry):
  • All the variations of milk teas/fruit smoothies
  • Shaved ice
  • Hollow character shaped (or just egg shaped) cake (雞蛋糕)
  • Unfried egg roll (潤餅)
There are other options too as vendors rotate. So no fears! The night market really caters to everyone and can still be fun even for vegetarian friends :)

On a side note this isn't from the night market but it was too adorable to not share! Limited edition Hello Kitty pineapple pie from McDonald's. Cue fan girl squeals.

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