Wednesday, December 16, 2015

48 Hours In Shanghai // Day 2: Back In Time

One of my must see tourist places was a water town. I wanted to go to Zhujiajiao (朱家角) but logistically it was too complicated and far away so we visited Qi Bao (七寶) instead.

Qi Bao has around a 500 year history as a water town, though like Yu Garden, what we see now is all newly rebuilt. It was bombed in 1864 by the Japanese.

You first walk through a single street lined with shops. It then opens up to the entire town.

It felt so surreal to be there. I thought I was in a drama set! So perfectly picturesque.

We did the boat ride on the river in a traditional boat. The Auntie directed the boat like this, relying on the big paddle and rope.

A beautiful place to have a cup of tea and spend an afternoon relaxing, enjoying the view and people watching. 

Next we went to a hipster arts area called Tianzifang (田子坊). It was a couple of streets and alleys filled with local boutiques, bars, and restaurants. By the way, haggling is allowed! I was so shocked when my friend's mom was able to haggle in a store.

Fancy facade of the Liuli Glass Museum. Must go in and visit next time! And below are some snippets of the French Concession neighborhood (I believe). 

A quick 48 hour trip in Shanghai that went by too fast! I was able to cover everything on my tourist list, but next time I'd like to interact with more of the locals, do a foodie tour, and just enjoy living like the Shanghainese. Unfortunately I wasn't able to pick up one word of Shanghainese though during my stay despite hearing it around me frequently.

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