Thursday, December 24, 2015

Korea // Jeonju: The Ultimate Hanok Experience

After my Sunchang mishap, I finally got things right and successfully booked a free ride to Jeonju. We're nearing the city center and I'm already getting really excited. Look at these beautiful trees!

I love how you have to cross this bridge to get to the Hanok Village. It helps you get into the mood to time travel to the Joseon dynasty. Admittedly though it's still pretty jarring because even though all the buildings are designed in the traditional hanok style, inside it's all modern. They even have cosmetics stores in the village.

For lunch of course we had to order what Jeonju is famous for: bibimbap and makgeolli! All very, very delicious. The makgeolli we had (can't remember the name ack) was very different than any other kind I had. It tasted like a dessert and had a cinnamon taste.

The hanok village was littered with couples taking couple pictures in traditional hanboks. The hanboks were a lot more elaborate and detailed than the ones I usually see, so I'd recommend doing it here if that's your thing.

If you get sick of walking around the hanok village you can walk towards the mural village nearby. Very similar to the Ihwa Dong mural village in Seoul.

We got tired of walking around and decided to try look for a place to sit and rest when we came across this. It's a bibimbap shaved ice! The cutest thing ever and apparently Daehan, Minguk, and Manse had it there. Doesn't hurt that it actually tasted pretty good too! Jeonju visit: success!

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