Friday, December 11, 2015

Singapore Impressions

Before heading to Singapore I heard a lot about how modern, diversified, and clean the city is. First impressions after landing were: what a nice airport and easy to navigate MRT. I seriously would have thought that I was still in Taipei if it weren't for the foreign named stops.

The first day I went to my first kopitam, which is definitely my favorite place in Singapore because 1) it's cheap 2) you can't go wrong with the food- there's too much competition and 3) you feel like a local. Of course I had to try the Singaporean classics la~ (ahaha can I now add Singlish as a language spoken on my resume? xD) kaya toast with a side of eggs Benedict, curry mee, and laksa. All very, very flavorful and delicious dishes.

My friend pointed out this building on our way to Hagi Lane that reminded me of Batman's Gotham. Even the interior decor is on point with the Batman theme.

Tourist attractions wise there weren't many activities that I was interested in. Lots of people come for the amusement parks in Sentosa and shopping, but I didn't sit on a plane for two hours just to do that when I could do all of that in the States. My favorite place was Esplanade Mall, a large multi-use building that's near the harbor. The day we went was the last day of a concert series featuring local artists. Originally the itinerary was to bike around the harbor area but since the haze was too severe, I had to settle with a boat ride.

From top left to right:Chinatown, Marina Bay Sands, Hagi Lane, night view from MBS, Esplanade Mall concert (also has a gorgeous library inside), Fullerton Hotel, Merlion, Mosque, Clarke Quay 

For me Singapore wasn't about the tourist attractions, but the food! Highly recommend visiting Lau Pau Sat & Maxwell Food Center, both which are food courts full of tasty options. Just remember to bring your second stomach. Lemon flavored Tiger beer also gets my thumbs up- it's light but has a very refreshing and crisp taste.

P.S: Skip the food in Chinatown Food's very forgettable and not worth the price. Go to Maxwell Food Center instead!

I spent around five days total in Singapore which is way too long for a typical tourist. I'd say three days is enough to see everything you want to see. The last day there I went on a long stroll looping around the Southern Ridges which connects many national parks and the Henderson Wave bridge. I was surprised that they actually preserved the wildlife around the area. Saw a large and well camouflaged reptile friend on my walk and butterflies.

It was fun la, Singapore. Next stop: Malaysia!

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