Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Korea // Suwon: A Fortress City

Honestly, I didn't plan to go to Suwon. Originally I wanted to go to Chuncheon since it was featured in "Winter Sonata," one of my top Kdramas of all time. My friend said there wasn't much there and suggested a few alternatives. Train tickets to the other places were sold out, so to Suwon we went!

Suwon's main attractions are the many historic sites. We went at a good time too because you could see a glimpse of the fall foliage. The sun also made it a pleasant day to walk around.

Lunch we had galchi jorim, a really tasty fish stew. One of my favorite meals that I had this time in Korea. Then we headed to the fortress wall and surrounding areas. A great half day hike and the perfect way to enjoy Suwon. I was already very impressed by the scale and distance of the Suwon fortress wall. Can't even fathom what The Great Wall is like!

As we walked around we saw an opportunity to try archery. It's been featured before in Running Man. Of course I had to try it and experience being a Joseon princess archer ;) 

Next time I visit Suwon hopefully I can try hiking the surrounding mountains. A fun historic city worth visiting!

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